Hi, we’re Ashley and Lexi! We met In 2009 when we were both first time moms living in Quail Lane Condos (see what we did there?). We bonded over crafting, our cute babies, and a couple of crazy neighbors.

Meet the makers

Meet Ashley

Wife to Chase. Mom to boys Ryder, Noah and Ezra. Fearer of the the dark. Always looking forward to the next adventure. Wanna be runner. Bargain shopper. Hat collector. Lover of the color gray, a good book and all things organized.

Meet Lexi

Wife to Rich. Mom to Camryn, Reese and Finn. Nauseous at the thought of public speaking. Homebody. TV show junkie. Book worm. Beauty school dropout. Lover of a good deal, new make up, and Parmesan cheese.